Universal Wonderful Street Academy

  • NGO registered in Ghana and Spain
  • Registered in the Register of NGOs of Accra, under the number: CG027972012 and CIF: C000114829X
  • Registered in the Register of Asosiacion de la Junta de Andalucía under the number: 5.536. Section 1 and CIF: G04769105.
  • Founded by:
  • Louis Yeboah Womder Doe, known as Louis Wonder, is a Ghanaian musician who was forced to live in the streets of Accra since he was eight years old. When he managed to leave the streets and forge a profession in music, Louis decided to dedicate completely his life to helping street children.
  • or Beatriz García. – Psychologist from Mojacar-Spain, being a volunteer in Accra, she met Louis and supported him to create the foundation. Since then, Beatriz has been searching money to try to support Universal Wonderful Street Academy.
  • The NGO has been providing non-formal education for hundreds of children from 4 to 16 years of age on the streets of Accra.
  • Children who demonstrate continuity, enthusiasm and will are taken to study at schools, where they receive formal education. The NGO continues to help them with basic materials and expenses.