Koforidua-Wisdom school project

  • Between the NGO Hola Ghana (Oscar Pérez Marcos) and Wisdom Yamoah -the project director- they acquired a plot of 8,600 m2 to build a school there.
  • The land is on the outskirts of a beautiful rural area, with 613 boys and girls, of whom only 95 are studying, because there are only 2 small schools in the village of Agaboss, a small hamlet of Koforidua.
  • The project consists of the construction of a school, two floors, with 8 classrooms, kitchen, office, bathrooms and 2 rooms for volunteers, who come from different parts of the world.
  • In the first stage of the project it is intended to build the first floor of the school.
  • Oscar Perez Marcos is Spanish (from Santander), he is the founder of Hola Ghana, an NGO dedicated to the promotion of volunteering in Ghana and other countries. Hello Ghana has been supporting different schools in Koforidúa and Accra for years, until, together with their “brother” Wisdom, they decided to undertake this ambitious project to help 120 children.
  • Little by little they have been working in the acquired land. They already have the construction plans and have begun to manufacture the concrete blocks to build the foundations of the school, which is the most expensive project.
  • Hello, Ghana has been collaborating with different local organizations in childhood education projects for 7 years. Almost since arriving in the country, Óscar contacted Wisdom Yamoah, who was running the school of Akwadum, near Koforidua, with which he worked for several years. Finally, Hola Ghana, made the decision that Wisdom was the Local Head of the NGO and that he was the director of the school under construction.
  • In all these years of collaboration, Hola Ghana has sent a number of international voluntees (and money) to the other two Koforidua schools that we are supporting on this website.
  • Finally, Hola Ghana took the decision to directly manage the projects. For this reason, it was agreed last year, together with Wisdom, to open a primary school that offers a quality education, with motivated and well-paid teachers, people interested in the progress of the children of the community.

  • Please find below the plan of the first stage of the project:

  • Budget for the first stage of the Project:
Budget Unities Price in GHS per unit Total in GHS
Sacks of cement 1,300 30 39,000
Sand trucks 7 340 2,380
Pieces of wood 40 20 800
Nail Bags 1 50 50
Workforce 20,000
Pieces of wood size 1×10 500 20 10,000
Pieces of wood size 2×4 100 10 1,000
Pieces of wood size BEAN 250 8 2,000
Nail box 4″ 2 100 200
Nail box 3″ 2 100 200
Workforce 700
Steel/ Iron
Bars – 16MM 200 38 7,600
Bars – 12MM 500 18 9,000
Cables 40 56 2,240
Workforce 500
GHS 95,670
Euros 19,134