Hopeland Center – Adjei Kojo

Hopeland Center is a farm located far from the center of Accra. The objective of this place is that the boys and girls who demonstrate their continuity, dedication and decision in the programs that are carried out in the House of Refuge move away and live in a more protected, caring environment with professionals that help them prepare better to perform trades that will definitely help them to face working life.

Sadly today this farm seems a desert town, because of the hundreds of boys and girls who lived there, there are only about 40. This is because Catholic Action for Street Children (CAS) does not have sufficient economic resources, to energize again this farm.

The location of Hopeland is great and the facilities better, but the lack of resources, make everything empty and unoccupied. It is an exciting project that we all must support, because only completely away from their environment, these guys can, truly, have an opportunity to be functional and perform trades that help them to enter the labor market.